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Perspective x 3

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per·spec·tivepərˈspektiv/noun: perspectiveI reminisce back on my old dear friends version of this word with great fondness. He had his own dialect that we all referred to as “Bineese” and he called it perscreptive. “Toby” (Kobe) Bryant …


Drones, Deadlines & Deprivation (of the sleep kind)

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 2014 Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week for me is now officially over. In my last post I mentioned a 10:00 PM deadline for delivery of my final video of the week. This was negotiated Sunday …


Southern Wrap

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Southern WrapThe 2014 Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week is a wrap, well the event has ended anyways. I however have an edit to do by 10:00 pm this evening. The concept I have imagined is …


Charleston On My Mind

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Miami is a wrap for the season. It was good to get back on the ARGO and back to work training so we can defend our Melges 32 World Championship. The ankle is strong, but …


North to South – Ice fishing and E scows

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The past few weeks have been pretty much full on, as far as weather, activities, and of course fun. First of all I spent 2 ½ weeks in search of a Woolly Mammoth in MN. …


the Newest in New….

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  “right up to your face and dissed you!” I am sure some of you have noticed that I have been releasing a lot more content on Instagram. I have really started to embrace this medium as …


Mama Said

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 “Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years, Rockin’ my peers and puttin’ suckas in fear” LL dropped this gem in 1990 when I was just getting started with the video medium after a …


Things are tough all over

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Shooting the recent Melges 32 Miami Winter regatta was a tough one. Yes, the days were long. Yes, the breeze was mediocre and the sea state was lumpy.  And yes, the boardwalk was littered with …


New Youth Brigade

Posted by admin on February 15, 2014  /   No Comments

 As I was just finishing up an edit of the prize giving ceremony from the 2013 Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta I came up with an idea for what I hope to produce next, what …


4 worlds in 40 days

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4 Worlds in 40 days Day 1 I’m frantically stuffing my things into a storage unit, in a rush to catch my flight to NY to meet the rest of Team Argo. It’s September 11th 2013 …