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 “right up to your face and dissed you!” 

I am sure some of you have noticed that I have been releasing a lot more content on Instagram. I have really started to embrace this medium as it is beginning to draw many users away from Facebook, and in order to keep up with the masses Penalty Box Productions is all in on the IG. Does this mean I am going to stop cutting longer videos? Hell no, but I kinda dig cutting up these 15 second shorties. 

I will still be utilizing FB and Twitter just as much as always, but you will be seeing many more short clips posted on my Instagram account. Please follow @penaltybox and embrace the box!

Back to the Melges 32 edit now.

Here are the latest IG videos. Much more coming soon from the Box.

Melges 20 Bacardi Race Week Day 1

Melges 32 Winter Series Final Start 

Breaking Down the Line Honors booth in Miami

Inga From Sweden ripping on the final day of Key West Race Week

Some post regatta birthday fun with Inga @ KWRW

Olympic Gold Medalist Freddy Loof Foiling 

Team ARGO Sending it at the Worlds

Team ARGO Snorkle Session St. Thomas

Team Long Hours Crushing the Bahamas

Title Inspirado By The One and Only Beastie Boys


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