Charleston On My Mind

Miami is a wrap for the season. It was good to get back on the ARGO and back to work training so we can defend our Melges 32 World Championship. The ankle is strong, but takes a beating out on the racecourse that’s for sure. I have plenty of time to heal up before the next 32 event, so I’m not sweatin’ it. After having about as much fun at our closest watering hole; Ted’s Hideaway over the course of the week, it was time so say goodbye to South Florida for the season. I cleared out my storage unit and migrated North to Charleston, where I will be producing the video for Charleston Race Week. It’s like my 5th time here working this regatta. I’ve sailed it 3 times as well, and I will tell you one thing for certain…this is an amazing place and an amazing event and it gets better every year.  With the scenery, the nightlife, the sailing, the history this place lends itself well to sheer awesomeness …did I mention the scenery? Bikini Fashion shows don’t hurt either.  

the lineup


The week is just starting, boats are arriving and teams are already out training. I met up with Alan and Meredith for a production meeting yesterday to make the master plan. I am now organizing media, finding tracks that I want to use, and conceptualizing some new ideas to make this the best Charleston Race Week Coverage to date.

This is an amazing place; stay tuned for some amazing footage. 

Petey Out.