Change, Changes, Changing


Change, Changes, Changing


Lots of change in 2014 – a new city, new sailing opportunities, new corporate client, new focus and even a new camera. A few short months ago I moved my base of operations to the D. Was Detroit ever on my list of places to move? I can say with all certainty that answer is no, but nonetheless this is where I am setting up camp, and I’m digging it so far. Being back in the Midwest is awesome, and I am way closer to where I spend the majority of time working in these summer months. Being here has also gotten me closer to scow sailing, which has been something I have been missing for years. The winter months will still be spent traveling to warmer regions shooting, sailing and surfing but I am stoked to have a base camp here where I can go full on old school, get back to my roots and produce some killer iceboating videos, and I even have a DN that I can use when the conditions allow. I’m stoked.


Sailing – Getting back to racing scows has been good for me, I got my beak wet again after what seemed like forever earlier this spring in Charleston and since then I have been on a mission to get back on the E scow starting line. I just registered for the E nationals, I have a boat, fresh sails, and a killer team assembled. Living here in Mi. has made this easier as well being that the event is just a few hours away in beautiful Crystal Lake. II-1 Team Honor the Box is back for more. 


Client- I shot my first of what will be many projects for my new client a few weeks ago. Great Clips sent me to Chicago to shoot Mullet Night at the Sox game. They were stoked on the edit and have me slated for 10-15 of these types of events throughout the year. I am excited at the possibilities this relationship will bring. I have been working with them for years on many of my events as a sponsor but now I will be working FOR them and am looking for some great projects to come from this.


Focus – There are a lot of non-video related projects in the works and they are going to be huge, I can feel it and my partners and investors are feeling it too. Also I am finally getting started on the New Youth Brigade project. Our first run of shirts will be out on the youth sailing scene very soon and the fundraising has begun for the film, stay tuned and be on the look out for the NYB in your neighborhood.


Camera – I have now started shooting with a Canon 70D as well as my Panasonic HVX200. I am not sure how well it will work out on the water but if my first test with it (I literally took it out of the box on the way to the starting line) is any indication of its capabilities, I am stoked to have another tool in my quiver.  Check it out. I am building a custom rig for it, which will greatly enhance this cameras value for me personally; and shooting on land with it is a no brainer. Hey, I can also cut the lunch of the masses of photogs that have now suddenly become videographers. 2 can play at that game boys, and I started out as a photographer in the 80’s. I will be able to pick that up again faster than you can learn how to edit video, this I can guarantee.


Next Up – LMSS Promo Edit, C Scow Invitational (packing my kit now), ILYA X Championships, and back to Tonka for the Excelsior Brewing Company promo spots.


The Box is filling up; contact me soon to get your event or project on the list.


Petey Out