Charleston Trio

Charleston Trio

10924272_10152871001874895_971870107034907221_oOver the past few weeks about 3000 sailors had their sights set on this Southern slice of heaven called Charleston. I have always loved this place, since the very first moment I arrived I was taken back by the scenery, the true southern hospitality, the history and for perhaps the most obvious reason the women. Although the “scenery” tag could cover that, Charleston women do deserve a category of their own. It’s an amazing place to visit and it certainly doesn’t hurt to see more girls than guys when you hit the town.

 Sorry, veered off the tracks for a second there, my apologies, but if you have been to Charleston, then you understand. Ok, focus Petey, focus.


 Calling all speed freaks! The first event was the Fort to Battery Race that brings out the kiters, cats and moths to a full-blown drag race across the harbor. Stay tuned for a highlight video from this race, I am scrubbing through all of the footage now and planning to get on this beginning of next week. This event is in its sophomore year and will continue to grow in the future. Check out more here

© Sander van der Borch Next in the batters box is Charleston Race Week, which just celebrated its 20th birthday with over 186 teams ready to battle the weather, crazy currents, and their own party moderation techniques. CRW brings everybody together on and off the racecourse, with an amazing regatta village filled with sailors, sponsors, vendors, bands, food, drinks and girls…oops, there I go again. The 20th birthday party was a big one again proving that North American regattas can get bigger and better with the proper management and promotion. Take note sailors, and if you haven’t already, put Charleston Race Weeks 21st birthday on your calendar, and make sure you buy them a shot. 

11040578_376044509247793_7730821296078345180_o And finally rounding out the trio was the Charleston E Scow Spring Regatta. For me, this was the absolute perfect way to end my trip to Chucktown. I put the cameras down, pulled the plug on the edit station and checked out to race my E scow in this event for the second year in a row. A beautiful 3 days of sailing ensued with breeze topping out at just under 30 kts with adrenaline soaked downwind rides and a very deep talent pool. Being just on the heels of CRW various pro sailors that normally don’t or have never sailed E scows now had the opportunity to do so. Jeremy Wilmot, Bora Gulari and Steve Benjamin were a few of those names that grabbed the tillers for this regatta. Jeremy wasted no time and quickly discovered what makes these boats so special to us scowbillies. “ This is your 18 foot Skiff” he remarked after day 2’s conclusion, which provided some big breeze and bigger smiles on the fleet’s faces. Jeremy and his crew of John Bowden, Matty Pistay and Abigail Helm eventually bested the fleet to take top honors followed closely by Bora, and his team consisting of Bear, BT and his new Nacra crew Solvig Sayre. I was fortunate enough to put all the work and family drama behind me for 3 days and sail my ass off to take the #3 spot that was good enough to qualify for the 50th Anniversary of the E Scow Blue Chip. .It figures after all my years sailing the E scow the first time I qualify is for the year I am hired to produce the events media. But the Honor The Box boat and crew will be there to help one of the past mystery guests around the course in September. 


To wrap up the days in Charleston a huge group of friends went to Abigals beach house and spent the gorgeous afternoon kiting, swimming and just hanging out on the beach with an amazing backdrop of the Harbor entrance and Fort Sumter just in the distance. The sun went down and we all parted ways, many of us will see each other in a matter of days and weeks, and some we won’t see till the next time we roll up on this beautiful place we call Charleston South Carolina. Where I will guarantee great friends, great racing and beautiful girls around every corner…sorry had to say it.

Petey Out