Mama Said

Dont Call It A Comeback2


“Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years, Rockin’ my peers and puttin’ suckas in fear” 

LL dropped this gem in 1990 when I was just getting started with the video medium after a few years as a hobbyist in still photography. My production work was a little sporadic over the years often working other jobs in order to pay the bills. That was until 2012 when I lost my best friend of 13 years…my American Bulldog Weasel. I had just quit my job at North Sails Long Beach and was thinking about where we were headed next. 2 days later Weasel died in my arms in the middle of my living room floor. Totally gutted I then made the decision to get back to doing what I loved, and what I was meant to do. Weasel opened the books for me and cleared my slate, allowing me to go after whatever I needed to do and wherever that needed to be.

I put all of my things in storage and hit the road, still not knowing what was ahead. I went to Charleston SC to shoot some corporate video and then raced Melges 24’s at Charleston Race Week. From there I headed to West Palm for a Melges 32 regatta on ARGO, it was here that I would meet the person that changed my life. Through a crewmember on ARGO I met a beautiful woman and her 2 amazing children and we became very close. I made South Florida my home and concentrated on our family and getting back to what I needed to do to not only provide for me but for them as well. They were the catalyst that drove me, they were my focus and they all made me extremely happy. I worked my ass off to better myself in order to make things better for them. I knew I  had to sail less and shoot more, so I trimmed back my sailing  to 1 full time program and really concentrated on producing video. 

Miami has resurfaced as the place to be for winter sailing, Stars, Etchells and Melges 20’s call it home for the winter. Olympic and youth sailing programs are in full swing as well. With me living locally, I started to get a lot of jobs, and I think partially because of my personal life being on point I started doing some of my best work. I carried that momentum through to this past summer having constantly kept the pedal down and worked incessantly going from event to event. Unfortunately, I think that work schedule took its toll on my relationship and I am no longer with those 3 amazing women. However, the lessons they taught me and the determination to become the best at what I do both personally and professionally still lights a fire underneath me. Despite the situation, I need to thank them all for showing me how good things can be, and for giving me the drive to claw my way back to the top of the heap. (see picture)  Thank you, I honestly wish nothing but the best for you 3 and the rest of your family.

Miami is pretty much a wrap for the season with just one more event on my calendar. The Melges 32 Miami Spring Regatta takes place in a few short weeks, and I am back on the ARGO sailing but then it’s off to Charleston Race Week to produce the video for that massive event. I am going to relocate to Charleston for the summer months and make the plan to completely take over sailing video production in Miami and the rest of the world starting NOW!

Mama said knock you out…That’s what I intend to do.

Next Up, Melges 32 2014 Promo, Bacardi Cup Day 1, New Youth Brigade Trailer, and Excelsior Brewing Company Summer promo.

Lots of stuff in the Box.

Petey out