Things are tough all over

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Shooting the recent Melges 32 Miami Winter regatta was a tough one. Yes, the days were long. Yes, the breeze was mediocre and the sea state was lumpy.  And yes, the boardwalk was littered with absolutely beautiful South Beach women. Indeed all of that made it difficult for me to get my job done, but what really made it hard for me was the fact that I was on the ARGO tender with my camera in my hand. I wasn’t hiking on the rail with my team, grinding out 3 wins on day 2 with my team, and sailing to within 200 yards of victory with my team. That part sucked,  but my cankle simply wasn’t ready for battle and I decided to sit this event out.

2 coach miami

The week however was a success; I got some killer footage, some great interviews and will be able to cut together an awesome promo reel for the Melges 32 class to promote the 2014 sailing season. I am still in Miami for a few more days, chopping up the product, shooting some of the Bacardi Cup and perhaps even sneaking back out to South Beach for some TP52 action. I also will be finishing up some interviews so I can edit a trailer for my youth sailing documentary “ New Youth Brigade”. I will indeed enjoy the rest of my time here in the warmth with the sun shining and the palm trees swaying in the breeze. I will indeed enjoy it as I am about to head back to Minnesnowta on Saturday to get going on the project with Excelsior Brewing Company.

I sincerely hope it stays above zero while I am there, but I’m not gonna cross my fingers. Lots of work coming out of the Penalty Box, stay tuned.

Petey Out