About Us

Petey going in for water shots
Our strength at Penalty Box Productions isn’t that we’re great at what we do; it’s that we really mean what we do. 
Penalty Box Production offers clients our “360°  approach” to filmmaking.  Our  hands-on, in-the-trenches, high-action style captures the hardcore spirit of a classic sport for viewers.  Our quality work, delivered on-time and within budget captures the heart of our sailing clientele as well as our corporate clients.
We utilize the best equipment suited for your production needs, our kit includes:
  • Canon 5D , 70D DSLR and DJI OSMO cameras
  • GoPro and other POV Cameras including 360 cameras. 
  • Iris+ DJI Phantom and Firefly Drones 
  • Kenyon Gyro –  DJI Ronin stabilizers
  • Sennheiser – Shure Microphones
  • Final Cut Pro – Final Cut Pro X – Adobe Premier (post-production)
“Breaking the rules to get the shot” — contact us for rate and availability!  
Petey Crawford is the most viewed sailing video producer in the world  with views well into the millions and counting.  Covering everything from Opti regattas to the Americas Cup; Petey has the eye, skill, and style that makes his productions stand well above the rest.  As a competitive sailor since the age of 6,  he has achieved great success on regional, national and world levels in sailboat racing. And its this competitive sailing background that gives Petey the edge in professional sailing video production. 

“Quite frankly I was bored to death with what was available as far as sailing video and  for someone who races… it made sailing tough to watch.”  “None of it was exciting and most footage made sailing look quite slow and mundane.”

Petey mixes things up with high impact footage, great music, some humor, onboard shots and interviews with the vast collection of characters that drive this sport.   

“At the end of the day, I absolutely love this sport, love what I do, and I hope that shows in the videos I produce.”

Although some confuse Penalty Box Productions as a production company involved with the sport of hockey, it is actually a reference to the small guesthouse Petey used to live in near Lake Minnetonka, MN.   Petey Crawford started shooting stills in the late 80’s when his professional skater and snowboarder friends needed footage for their sponsors.  After purchasing his first handycam, Petey started shooting bands in the Twin Cities music scene.  

“Once I picked up the video camera it was all over for me, I knew where I was headed.  I dig this medium, the action, emotion, and vibe of the scene itself..then matching it to killer music tracks? I mean c’mon, what more do you need to get your blood pumping?”  

Penalty Box Productions was officially formed in 2003 when Petey  Crawford put his sailmaking scissors into hibernation, packed up all of his stuff, and headed West to Hollywood with his American Bulldog Weasel to attend the Los Angeles Film School. After a few years in Hollywood working on various reality shows and hit show “24”, Petey decided he needed to get back to his roots of sailboat racing and thus his career in sailing video production was born. Petey Crawford has covered events all over the world and has put Penalty Box Productions on the map as being  the hardest working sailing video production company in the business.  Between 2013 and 2016 Petey and PBP covered 100+ events big and small and have been actively been involved in the promotion of the sport of sailing. With olympic campaigns, documentary films and event coverage, no production company is more involved in the sport of sailing.