All In A Days Work

All In A Days Work


Fear, fear’s a powerful thing. I mean it’s got a lot of firepower. If you can figure out a way to wrestle that fear to push you from behind rather than to stand in front of you, that’s very powerful. I always felt that I had to work harder than the next guy, just to do as well as the next guy. And to do better than the next guy, I had to just kill it. And you know, to a certain extent, that’s still with me in how I work, you know, I just ….go in.

  • Jimmy Lovine


I have always busted my ass, working nonstop and that quote resembles much of what I am about. Grinding always and in All Ways. That’s the inspirado to get me   back at the brain huntin’ and peckin’ away to create a much needed blog post to bring all of you up to speed. For the last year and a half I sorta stepped outa the Box in order to dedicate nearly all of my time to something that I was really excited about. It was a somewhat different avenue in the sailing world that I was looking to pursue, something I had dabbled in with great success before but this was much a bigger deal. I will get into that in a later post, as there is plenty that needs to be said but now is not the time.


Puttin’ In Work


While I was out on the aforementioned detour my production work was mainly limited to the events promotion, and honestly it felt good to get creative again. Some pretty cool shit came together. It was different, it was refreshing; and it gave me some really good ideas for future projects. And that’s exactly what I am plottin’ and schemin’ now. I will be letting you all know as things come together but some really cool things are on the horizon. The time away has been good but I’m itchin’ to get back to producing some amazing things in the sailing world and testing out some new business models for Penalty Box.


With a new Olympic campaign for Bora starting to take shape, a handful of exciting World Championship events and some private client production work on the docket the Box is getting busy.


Up Next?

An announcement kicking off the new business model…stay tuned.


Petey Out