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    Change, Changes, Changing

     Change, Changes, Changing Lots of change in 2014 – a new city, new sailing opportunities, new corporate client, new focus and even a new camera. A few short months ago I moved my base of operations …

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    Let Me Do My Thang

    Let Me Do My Thang (click to watch)People often ask, “How do you decide what music to use in your videos?” I always reply with the same answer, “It’s the hardest part of the edit, and …

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    Bounce wit me, Bounce wit me

     After getting off my ass and rebuilding this site to actually promote and market the Penalty Box brand I have been pretty active. Keeping fresh content posted, new videos, blog posts etc. has been priority …

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    Push It …Real Good

    Push It …Real Good I have been spending the last few weeks pushing myself to the limits, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I wrapped up in Charleston with an amazing 60+ hours with no sleep, piled on …

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    Welcome to the Penalty Box Productions blog page. This is where I will keep you up to date with what’s up with us, new bookings, new opportunities etc. I will try to keep this fresh and entertaining as possible, because that’s just how I roll…Petey out.

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