2014 key west race week or bust

Foot Hospital-pool thumnail

Well, that should read Key West Race Week AND Bust.

Day  1 was light so I opted to be productive and stay on shore and get some editing and web site stuff done. I remember even saying, ” I am not going to get all KW and drink all day so I can stay productive and not waste the day away” That worked till about 10:00pm or so when I got a text from Anthony – “Tree Bar – Stat ” I closed the laptop and headed out. After catching up with the various crew members from Team ARGO that night, and some circular “discussions”  with Anthony, I was on my way to feeling no pain, little did I know what was awaiting me on my ride home. I think everybody got tired of listening to our “discussion” and bailed. After hugging it out  we parted ways and I hopped on my bike and headed for home. I didn’t quite make it. My roomie Cam awoke in the AM and realized I wasn’t there and was hoping I had hooked up with the cute bartender. I on the other hand awoke in the emergency room, and not with the cute bartender. Although the Russian nurse who bandaged me up was pretty hot.

It was a classic example of car vs bike, and the bike and myself came out as the losers. According to the bike rental company, I definitely got hit by a car. I don’t know this because I was knocked out. I had a concussion as well as a broken ankle. Pretty much ruined my week as I laid on the couch for the next few days waiting for the swelling to go down in order to go see the ortho in town. But on Thursday I saw him, and he gave me great news as the break wasn’t that bad and I should be back to full go sooner than expected. With that news I was able to get out on the final day to get some footage of the best day of the week so it wasn’t a total loss. Now I am working on some things here in Miami while I recoup. I actually might going sailing to the Bahamas this weekend on the Sabbatical and I’m pretty stoked for that.

I learned a few things this year :

1) I am going to rent a scooter next time so I can really do some damage.

2) Being injured in Key West isn’t comforting. When you walk anywhere, people avoid you like the plague as they assume you are just a Key West Bum. I got quite strange looks as I was walking to the Inga container on the final day. I started off using my crutches as I thought I could make better time, but then realizing that was quite a workout, I cross trained and walked for a bit and carried the crutches. I suppose this shouldn’t surprise me that I was getting weird looks this way, but c’mon. I was clean shaven, had my Iphone in my hand, was wearing nice clean clothes but still..looked at like a typical bum. I remember a jogger with her pit bull ran by and the dog tried to bite me! No respect. Anyway, I’m on the mend and will be back on the water sailing and shooting sooner than I had thought.

Petey Out