Let Me Do My Thang

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in PBP BLOG


Let Me Do My Thang (click to watch)

People often ask, “How do you decide what music to use in your videos?” I always reply with the same answer, “It’s the hardest part of the edit, and sometimes it just happens.” I pick tracks that fit the pace of the edit, and I pick tracks that don’t blow. Take this for example, I had no plans on cutting a time-lapse video but I was rocking out to this track last week and I thought, “ Ya know…this would be a bomb ass song to use for some time-lapse footage.” So I stared digging through all of the hard drives I had with me on this trip to see what archived stuff I could find. And luckily for my creative mojo I had this much. I had much more to use , but I couldn’t wait to chop it all up. 

I will never grow tired of time-lapse video, there are always killer opportunities to capture  amazing visuals, I could watch clouds forming and rolling by all day it seems, sunrises, sunsets, all of it. I often set up cameras on the boats to record in time-lapse mode to maximize battery and card space. Lord knows asking a sailor to remember to turn on the camera before the start is hard enough, let alone asking them to turn it off between races then restart it again. This way I know I get something at the end of the day instead of it being a total waste.  And often times,  if you scrub through all of the footage you find some really cool shots. For instance, the cover shot, I set up a camera to record Inga from Sweden de-rigging after KWRW. What I found after looking was the sick shot of the bird swooping into the frame. I absolutely love that shot. You can get some killer moments onboard as well, like this shot below. I can’t remember who lost their lid here but the click of the camera caught it perfectly before it was lost overboard. I think it may have been Lindsay's, but I'm sure she blamed me for knocking it off somehow. Just kidding Lindsay:) 



So, sit back and enjoy a badass track and some really great random time-lapse footage from the hard drives stashed in my backpack.

Let Me Do My Thang - Thank You Crystal Method for the Inspirado. 

Petey out